Hi! Im nacho a 27 yrs  
graphic web designer born in Uruguay, living in Madrid.
I define myself as an aesthetically hard-working creating solutions that contain a deep message and convey feelings

Passion for design in general, sports, coffee, the world and music. (I go to technos from time to time ;)

Day by day I seek to improve in the professional and especially human aspects,
so I believe that we come to constantly evolve in all
our aspects.

My areas of interest are Corporate Image, Editorial and Advertising Design, Infographics, Photomanipulation and Web Design


to my



Identity & web
ITB advisors
ITB is a company specialized in investment advice and business development. It has been operating in the United States since 2008, with professionals with a high level of experience in the most diverse areas of activity
Identity & web
Diseño Montevideo
Furniture company with more than 20 years of experience in the market. As we live in a world of constant change, they decided that it was time to give a total renewal to the brand starting with its logo, passing through its facade to its website. The objective of the design consisted of a logo with a minimalist isotype focused on its best-selling product.
Web design
Lejacir is an organization that develops in the area of ​​construction and related activities, and as such define their commitments to customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers, the environment, as well as to security.With the same desire to commit to comply with all applicable requirements.
Logo Design
DJ Luoko
DJ Luoko is a producer dj originated in Montevideo, Uruguay. Passionate about music, guitar and vinyl, Luoko began to take his first steps in electronic music at 15.

Today he has more than 10 years of experience and 6 years ago he started playing in different parts of the world. Currently he lives in Berlin where he is specializing to continue adding experience.
Booklet design
Travel Oz
Traveloz is a travel agency, formed by a young team with vast experience in the Uruguayan market, specializing in traditional and corporate tourism trips.
Beta bier is a craft beer, made up of German malts and American hops, made in Uruguay.Created in 2017 we create the identity based on the name of its creator combining it with the essence of beer
Meta Indumentaria
META specializes in sports textile design, confection and production. Sports sets for all types of activity . A clear brand values ​​and ambitious goals seeking a renewal of deep image to represent their goals. They bet on creativity, innovation and trends.
This was a university project for the subject "Corporate identity".
Identity & web
Social posts
World Wide
Posts for social networks in different formats. Product presentation advertising campaigns internal branding and more